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About Us

Introducing Scent Company.

We are more than a fragrance company. 

We develop scientifically-enhanced properties to boost your mood.

We are proudly Australian. With the design and development taking place in Sydney, and our products manufactured in Melbourne.

We ship Australia-wide, and for those who reach out to us we can arrange internationally too.

We believe that our Olfactory System plays a major role in our mood and wellbeing. Because, the Olfactory System is directly linked to our amygdala, the core of our neural system, the area of the brain responsible for our emotions.

This makes our sense of smell - the most powerful, most ancient and most overlooked sense.

Revolutionary, Science-Backed Scent.

Our products contain ingredients sourced from nature, namely, Phytoncides, or  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These compounds are scientifically proven to contain mood-boosting properties that support wellbeing.

The pharmacological properties of our ingredients include the promotion of brain function, enhanced relaxation, improved cognitive performance and mood, and decreased mental fatigue.

We carefully select the VOCs in our products that are most beneficial, to both your wellbeing and their aroma.


Our flagship scent Seek+

Our genderless fragrance Seek+ is our first product.

Seek+ features a cool touch of Vanilla, packed with warm, woody spiced notes of Pink Pepper, Geranium and Clove. It encapsultes the feeling of adventure.

It is inspired by the Japanese practice Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing, the act of submerging yourself in nature to reap it's natural benefits.

Seek+ captures naturally occurring compounds in the world's forests, scientifically linked to the promotion of wellbeing, designed to capture the feeling of an adventure.



Clinically studied & scientifically proven.

A recent systematic review of 22 clinical studies analysing the effects of forest bathing on stress found conclusive evidence that the practice has a raft of positive health benefits.

These effects include: a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, increased relaxation, ameliorated general wellbeing, and improvement of depression. Volatile Organic Compounds associated with forest bathing have been able to increase muscle relaxation, resulting in an improvement of sleep, pain, and anxiety seen during tests.


Our story so far.

We've gone on quite a journey. Here's what we've been up to:
  • January 2021: developed our bespoke scent technology with leading Olfactory research, incorporating Phytoncides or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • June 2021: engineered our first product Seek+ with the Phytoncide β-Caryophyllene, clinically proven to contain mood-enhancing properties.
  • September 2021: we developed the notes with our Melbourne-based perfumer and Olfaction expert developed our exclusive, unique scent.
  • Early 2022: developed our online store Scent Company and developed our scent.
  • And finally - in October 2022 - We are able to offer you our pre-sale with delivery by the Christmas period.
Learn about the science of scent.

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